Rural And Agriculture Development

In a principally agriculture based economy as we find in India, where nearly 75% of the population live in rural areas and nearly 31% of the national income is generated in the agricultural sector, rural development ought to get the first priority. A vast majority of population live in villages under the severe shadow of poverty, unemployment, and underemployment, variation of wealth and income as well as disgraceful economic conditions. Due to these reasons the ultimate objective of all planned development efforts after independence has been the well-being of the rural masses.
So, in planning exercises, rural development is also the main concern of Pragya Social Organization. We are doing several activities i.e. Farmer’s Capacity Building, Farmer’s Training for Technical Up gradation, Enrichment Programs for Group formation towards the initiatives for agricultural and village development in rural areas especially in Hoshangabad and Raisen district in Madhya Pradesh. Presently we are working with farmers of 42 villages in Babai block of Hoshangabad district. We have given them a lot of training and session about organic farming and its good effects.

We will soon work for the sustainable development and empowerment of different classes of farmers by forming their organization.