Pragya Social Organization (Previously Pragya Samiti) has been working in the Bagsewaniya slum (largest slum area in Bhopal urban city) with persons with disabilities for the past 3 years. Under the Jawaharlal Nehru Urban Renewal Mission (JNURM), a large number of slums located in the city are being relocated to the periphery of city and Bagsewaniya is one of such locations.
We are working 12 urban slum areas and all has a good proportion of underprivileged families. A majority of the families here came to the city as seasonal migrants in search of wage labour and later permanently settled here due to lack of opportunities in their area. These families are primarily engaged as hawkers, daily wages labours, domestic helpers etc. For most of these families, the greatest struggle is to make ends meet.
As per the WHO norms, about 5% of any population comprise of persons with disabilities. The organization has identified about 400 children with disabilities in its area of operation. These comprise of minor to major disabilities and can be broadly classified in medical terms as motor disability, speech disability, mental retardation. Due to their dependence on others (family members and friends), these children are usually seen as a burden on the family and therefore are looked down upon. These children face various degrees of marginalization due to limitations in their environment which restrict their interaction with mainstream society, attitude of others (family members and community) towards them and lack of opportunities. There is no government, non government or private organization working in the area for this group.
We have completed one year rehabilitation program for differently able children with SRTT at Urban Slum Areas of Bhopal City in Madhya Pradesh from January 2014 to December 2014. In this program we are giving our services to differently able children of marginalized families of society. We have established three rehabilitation centres with all essential equipments and facilities with support of SRTT. We have provided aids and appliances to differently able children and linked them with government schemes for their benefit.

Presently we are giving home based services to divyang children. Our special educators gives therapies and treatments to children at their home.